Maggie Urquhart

Double bass

Margaret Urquhart 

I am Margaret Urquhart, and will be giving the bass and violone Masterclasses at the Zutphen summer course 2018. I’m a violone a bass player specializing in Early music, performing in many ensembles and orchestras and teaching at The Hague and Amsterdam conservatories.

I’d like to welcome you to join the violone course in Zutphen. The masterclasses will include music from the early Baroque to the late Classical period, both chamber music and solo, for 8′ and 16′ violone and double-bass. The classes are open for all levels from amateur to professional. Beginners on the violone who have some experience on another bass stringed instrument will also be able to follow the lessons. There will be some violones available for those without their own instrument.
You are free to choose your own repertoire and the focus of the course is ‘Venice’. I will bring plenty of sheet music from very simple bass lines for improvisation to repertoire for solo Viennese bass. 8′ repertoire such as Rognoni and Vitali as well as 16′ bass lines will he Part of the course material.
Double-bass players can bring their own basses with two top gut strings and a Baroque bow, or share the instruments and bows which I bring.
You are welcome to contact me by email: