Sing yourself into the picture – October 19-21 2018

A masterclass for singers who find a beautiful voice alone is not enough.

Do you sometimes wonder how you can rise to the surface and be noticed in the vast pool of singers? How can you really break through?

How can you come into the picture and make sure that you get and keep work?  That you are seen and heard? That you can fulfil your passion? To do what you most love: to sing for people; to be a conduit for the music.

High vocal and musical standards go without saying. You have worked for years to develop your abilities and can continue to do so.

But what do you need in addition to a good voice and optimal vocal and musical development?

It seems that talent alone is sometimes not enough. What is talent in fact, what does it consist of, and how can you fully realise your talent?

In this masterclass we will work to find answers to these questions, so that your talent for singing becomes manifest and you do stand out above the rest.

Make your breakthrough happen by learning how to be confidently present onstage!

The masterclass will teach you to trust and enjoy your own talent. You’ll get to know the game. You’ll learn how to use your ambition to achieve your goals, you’ll recognise your strengths and how to make use of them. You will learn how to cope with auditions, rejections and insecurity. You will learn how to keep going, to make plans and tackle negative thought patterns, so that you make real progress and move from A to B. So you stand out!

Your visibility is something you can actively work on. You can create your own personal brand.

Johannette and Marjolein will join forces to help you find your own authentic visibility.

Marjolein runs her own business, Marjolein-Koetsier, coaching musicians in presentation, speaking and singing. She studied singing at Amsterdam’s Sweelinck Conservatoire, and trained as a careers coach. In addition, she has followed many workshops and courses in personal development and entrepreneurship. She is the author of Stembalans (2011), a book about the voice as an instrument for personal growth. She has 15 years of experience of coaching and personal development training. Since 2010, Marjolein has taught at the Royal Conservatoire in Den Haag, giving a course in “Preparatory professional practice for singers”.

Enrolling or questions: mail or call Tineke Haveman,

Tel: 06-41497089