Mieke Wouters

Singer and music therapist

Mieke Wouters

Mieke Wouters is a singer and music therapist who has sung for more than 25 years at Philippe Herreweghe’s Collegium Vocale. She has developed a unique, innovative method to help musicians deal with any stage related anxiety—whether it’s having sweaty hands at the idea of playing solo or losing sleep over an audition.

In this workshop, Mieke guides you in understanding what it means to be fully in the here and now to better deal with stress. She teaches participants how to:

  • distinguish between physical sensations, feelings and thoughts
  • distinguish between immediate causes and triggers
  • identify underlying needs
  • make requests to get those needs met (when desired)

As a participant, you will have the opportunity to explore yourself and learn how to relax in stressful situations. You will also learn from watching Mieke interact with other participants. Nothing is mandatory—Mieke offers a safe place to explore freer self-expression.

Mieke Wouters studeerde muziekpedagogie, zang en muziektherapie en zingt bij het Collegium Vocale van Philippe Herreweghe. Ze is erkend familiaal- en sociaal bemiddelaar en werkt als muziektherapeut in het Bethaniënhuis in Zoersel. Sinds haar kennismaking met geweldloze communicatie van Marshall Rosenberg is ze begeesterd om dit gedachtengoed eigen te maken en uit te dragen. In haar zelfstandige praktijk brengt ze haar passies voor muziek, geweldloze communicatie en bemiddeling op verschillende manieren samen. Een van die projecten is ‘Omgaan met plankenkoorts’.