Susan Williams

Baroque Trumpet

Susan Williams

Clarin & Canto
For the Zomer Academie Zutphen 2018 I am happy to offer a workshop for trumpeters focusing on the vocal qualities of the ‘clarino’ trumpet. We will explore repertoire for trumpet(s) and solo voice, including Italian, Spanish and German repertoire. Students, professionals and talented amateurs are all welcome!

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Quality Practice
I am happy to offer a workshop based on the information from my new book Quality Practice: a practical workbook and resource for musicians and those who train musicians. The information and tools provided are grounded on current knowledge from the fields of psychology, neuroscience and pedagogy, and applied to the teaching and self-teaching of performing musicians.

Quality Practice Workshop

If you are not improving, it’s not because you lack innate talent.
It’s because you’re not practicing the right way.
[Anders Ericsson]

A workshop about finding and exploring effective and creative ways to practise

This workshop is for enabling musicians to:

  • Understand the basic principles of psychomotor learning.
  • Introduce and share methods and strategies for practicing.
  • Find out what aspects are strong and weak in your own practice.

Susan Williams
Susan Williams is one of the world’s most well known specialists in baroque trumpet, and has performed and recorded with many of Europe’s finest early music ensembles as soloist, chamber musician, and in orchestras.

In addition to performing, Susan teaches at The Royal Conservatorium of The Hague and at the University of the Arts in Bremen.

Susan has presented at many conferences over the last few years on topics related to musicians’ learning, practice and optimal performance – in particular the role of attentional focus.

Her doctoral research investigates what kind of attentional focus facilitates musicians’ skill acquisition and optimal performance.